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Public & Collaborative Paris is an initiative from ENSCI Paris DESIS Lab in partnership with l'Etablissement Public Paris Saclay (Public Development Agency of Paris Saclay)
The Project
The project will explore scenarios of local development based on collaborative services bridging social innovations and public innovations. The suburban area of Saclay, 20 kilometres South-West from Paris has been chosen to host a high level R&D Campus with universities, research labs, high-tech companies, etc... This top-down development project expect 100 000 researchers and related infrastructures to settle down in what is now a mix of agricultural land and suburb, to live there or commute from Paris... The goals of the project are to explore current initiatives developed on the field, potentials brought by the participating actors and co-develop with them scenarios focusing sustainable way of living, quality of life, integration and collaboration within the new mix of populations.
Academic Courses
ENSCI Paris DESIS Lab: 'Scenario de Vie Durable Campus de Saclay' (Sustainable Living Scenarios for Saclay Campus) 
Faculty: François Jégou
Assistant: Marie Coirié
Through a series of immersive sessions at stakeholders places representative of the interaction of the players involved in the development of the new Paris Saclay Campus (i.e. Paris Saclay Public Development Agency, Polytechnique High School, REEDS research laboratories, inhabitants community group and High-Tech companies consortium) students will prompt the social conversation between stakeholders involved and outline promising areas of collaborative services exploring synergies between top-down enabling public infrastructures and bottom-up social initiatives...
A 'mosaic scenario' will be produced based on a series of service video-sketches organized on a map of the area and assessed within the sample of stakeholders involved. Most promising solutions will be selected for further development at ENSCI with local partners of Saclay Campus. 
Main Partners
L'Établissement Public Paris Saclay (Paris Saclay Public Development Agency) is the institution in charge of urban planning of what should be the largest campus in Europe. It carries on activities based on dialogue and consultation between the State, local institutions, academic communities and businesses over an area including 2 of the 96 French administrative districts 49 cities and 650 000 inhabitants.